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Filming permits

Heathrow is an exciting and iconic location for film and photographic shoots.

Filming and photography is classed as either breaking news or commercial. To apply, click on the relevant link at the bottom of this page. (
To film or photograph at Terminal 2 write 'T2' clearly in the description box).

We are currently taking new requests from January 2015 only

Commercial filming / photography

  • Includes feature films, TV drama, corporate productions, fashion shoots, educational and charity projects as well as footage for internal use.

  • You'll need to supply risk assessment, method statement and public liability insurance (minimum £10m). Risk assessment templates can be found at

  • A location fee and potentially staff costs will apply, click here.

  • Airlines, retail partners and contractors wishing to film or photograph for project, internal, audit or proof of posting purposes do not need to apply for a media permit.
  • Airlines, retail partners and contractors wishing to film or photograph for external audiences, including online usage and social media, must apply for a media permit. The application should be made by the production company or photographer.

Any questions? Get in touch at / +44 (0)7713 077292.

We're sorry but Heathrow is unable to accommodate student film-makers

Breaking news filming / photography

  • Is aimed at news - where the story is aviation related, topical, in the public interest and the crew size is minimal.

Any questions on news filming? Email us at


Commercial Filming

Breaking news filming

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